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annual report
April 1, 2017 - March 31, 2018
Since Deaf Bible Society began, our mission has been that every Deaf person would be able to receive God's Word in their sign language.
As we look back, we have seen many successes and this is all possible because of your partnership with us.
As you look through this report, please enjoy seeing the many things that have happened this past year. Thank you!
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Strength in Unity
We're honored to work with 20+ partners who are as dedicated to reaching the Deaf community as we are.
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Stewardship - using your gifts wisely to serve the Deaf community - is of the utmost importance to us. Here's a look at how your financial gifts were used this past year. Audited financials will be available in July 2018.
Revenues: $4,387,591
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Scripture Engagement
Translation Acceleration
One Team, One Goal
It was a busy year at Deaf Bible Society. Here are just a few things that happened.
Deaf Bible Society
Looking Ahead
So much has been accomplished thanks to your partnership and investment, but the work doesn’t stop here. With your help in this next fiscal year, we hope to:
Deaf Bible Society
participate in translation acceleration for 25 new language projects
Deaf Bible Society
train 6 new consultants to check the accuracy of these translations
Deaf Bible Society
equip 270 local deaf leaders to develop scripture engaged communities and distribute 27,000 deaf bibles
Deaf Bible Society
launch version 3 of the deaf bible app