Chantel Pagán

President AND Chief Executive Officer

chantel pagan deaf bible society Chantel became President and CEO on January 1, 2020. She is a passionate leader known for her resilience in following God’s call on her life as a Bible advocate and catalyst. Chantel’s work with the organization began at the inception of its ministry, Deaf Bible, in 2012 and continued through Deaf Bible Society’s formal incorporation in 2015. Her educational background spans Deaf culture, cross-cultural communication, American Sign Language interpreting and theology, and business leadership. She is fluent in English, Spanish, and American Sign Language.

In her ten-year tenure, she has served in a variety of roles. Under her leadership, the organization’s impact has grown significantly and seen the sign language Bible translation access rate nearly triple in providing the Bible and resources to Deaf communities worldwide. Chantel’s dedication stems from her personal calling to bridge the gap between Deaf individuals and the life-transforming message of the Gospel.

With a background deeply rooted in advocacy and ministry, Chantel has been instrumental in developing innovative strategies to reach Deaf populations and ensure they can engage with the Bible in their heart sign language. Her work includes spearheading strategic leadership for translation projects, equipping global Deaf leaders and securing resources, and forming global partnerships that support the mission of Deaf Bible Society.

Chantel is a dynamic speaker and advocate, often sharing her insights and experiences at conferences, workshops, and church events. Her vision is to see a world where Deaf people are not only included but are actively participating in the global Christian community.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Chantel is committed to her family. She and her husband, Joel, are proud parents to Zebadi and Keziah, and they hold dear their three children, Jethro, Shepha, and Merab, who reside in heaven. Her experiences as a wife and mother deepen her understanding and empathy, inspiring her passion to live on-purpose.

Chantel’s leadership is characterized by her unwavering faith, innovative approach to problem-solving, and heartfelt commitment to the Deaf community. Through her work with the Deaf Bible Society, she continues to make a lasting impact, transforming lives to see the Bible accessible to all Deaf people for the renown of Jesus Christ.

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