The Gift of Being Seen

From the story of Hagar: She gave this name to the Lord who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me.” — Genesis 16:13 NIV / ASLV

Sign languages are visual. Communication is animated.

So, for our Deaf friends, the gift of being seen is essential to human relationships. This gift builds bonds of acceptance and understanding through the shared language of heart and hands.

All the more, can you imagine the power of feeling seen, known, and loved by God? With thanks to you, the ministries of Deaf Bible Society help make God’s love visible.

Watch the story below from Pastor Renee about the power of being seen!


This year, our Interpreter Workforce served over 3,000 hours to support the collaboration of Deaf and hearing people working together in translation and ministry. Our Deaf Church Where network helps Deaf people connect to a local church.


  • Deaf communities see and experience God’s love through Deaf churches
  • For our partners: The Word for the World, DOOR International, and the Zambia Sign Language Team.

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