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Working together to advance sign language Bible translation, access, and engagement

How partnership works

Three kinds of partners contribute toward shared goals.

  • Impact Partners
  • Implementation Partners
  • Resource Partners

Our online Partner Portal helps everyone stay connected and informed as we make progress.

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Impact Partners do frontline work in Deaf communities

Often they are Deaf individuals who serve with local organizations or churches. They provide important influence through direct experience with the regional sign language and culture.
What these partners do:
  • Raise awareness of Deaf community needs
  • Participate in sign language Bible translation projects
  • Promote sign language Scriptures through outreach, training, and community engagement
  • Contribute special skills in areas such as video production and biblical studies
Deaf Bible Society serves to:
  • Build relationships with Impact Partners to understand their context
  • Advocate for sign language Bible translation and training tools
  • Collaborate with Impact Partners to plan and implement Deaf Bible translation projects
  • Provide technology and tools to support Bible translation
  • Provide access to sign language Scriptures
  • Enable Deaf individuals find a Deaf church near them; currently in the United States and expanding to other countries
To learn more about serving as an Impact Partner for your Deaf community, please contact us.
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Implementing Partners guide the fulfillment of sign language Scripture projects

These partners include Deaf and hearing individuals, typically associated with an international ministry organization. They bring expertise in linguistics, biblical studies, project management, video production, financial stewardship, and more.

What these partners do:

  • Align efforts around shared strategy, technology, training, and operating principles
  • Ensure effective communication among project collaborators, including sign language interpretation
  • Apply their skills and expertise to ensure that sign language Bible projects are done well

Deaf Bible Society serves to:

  • Build relationships with Implementing Partners to understand their roles and skills
  • Work collaboratively as an Implementing Partner
  • Provide sign language access to Deaf and hearing partners through our Interpreter Workforce
  • Support project management and progress tracking with Deaf-friendly visuals in our Partner Portal
  • Provide tools to help Deaf ministry organizations apply for financial grants so they can serve as Implementing Partners

To learn more about collaborating with us as an Implementation Partner, please contact us.

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Resource Partners invest financially in sign language Bible advancement

These partners are mission-minded individuals, families, and foundations who want to see Deaf communities receive, experience, and share the Bible in sign language.

What these partners do:

  • Contribute or mobilize funds to Deaf Bible Society for specific projects or give where needed most to sustain momentum and impact
  • Contribute or mobilize funds through Deaf Bible Society or a funding alliance for a project that includes various Impact and Implementing Partners

Deaf Bible Society serves to:

  • Build relationships with Resource Partners to understand their passion and intent
  • Provide regular communication about sign language Bible projects, progress, and impact within Deaf communities
  • Broker and manage financial investments to various projects, ensuring that financial distributions align with specified timelines, budgets, and goals
  • Provide a window into project management and progress tracking in our Partner Portal
  • Facilitate learning and vision trips to offer firsthand experience of Deaf communities and cultures

To learn more about becoming a Resource Partner for our mission, please contact us

Curious about partnership?

Let’s explore how we can work together to share God’s love in sign language.

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Together with illumiNations
Deaf Bible Society is a principal implementing partner in illumiNations, a collective impact alliance working to make the Bible accessible to all people by 2033.

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