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Reaching around the world with the message of God’s love in sign language

2023 Impact Highlights

Together — in prayer and in collaboration with 51 organizations — we reach Deaf communities in 100+ countries. We celebrate these highlights for the year 2023.

Engaging hearts and minds through the Deaf Bible app and online platform

Have portions of Scripture accessible, out of 350+ sign languages; one has a full Bible

Making progress with the benefit of Deaf-hearing collaboration and access to our online Partner Portal

Published in various sign languages — equal to almost 4 Bibles

Comprise our Deaf Church Where network, giving Deaf people opportunities to connect in Bible study and prayer

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Enlightened to Share Scripture in Ukrainian Sign Language On the Deaf Bible App

Sign language Bible translation around the world

We participate in many translation projects. You can track progress using our project dashboard.

7 life-giving benefits of sign language Scripture

We want every Deaf person to receive, experience, and share the message of God’s love in sign language Scripture. This opportunity is life-giving in many ways.

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Sign language Scripture is an official recording of a sign language — sometimes the first.

This recognition plays an important role in individual and community identity. It is a key step toward Deaf inclusion in society.

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In some cultures, Deaf people are viewed as unintelligent or even demon-possessed.

Sign language Scripture expresses the powerful truth that every Deaf person is created with dignity and loved by God.

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Through Scripture videos, Deaf people can connect with God in their sign language.

They don’t have to rely on an interpreter or make an extra effort to understand written words. As they see Scripture for themselves, they can learn to follow Jesus and listen to the Holy Spirit.

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Deaf children in some countries are kept home, isolated from community interactions. They communicate through informal gestures.

Sign language Scripture can help them learn sign language. Then they can enjoy deeper relational connections.

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Sign language Scripture is an engaging and unifying resource for Deaf worship, fellowship, and outreach.

It supports local gatherings that teach and encourage Deaf people who seek to follow Jesus. It also affirms their inclusion in the global body of Christ.

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Around the world, as many as 8 in 10 Deaf children do not receive access to formal education.

The development of Deaf education opportunities depends on greater recognition of sign language.

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A sign language Bible translation project involves a collective effort by members of a Deaf community.

Their effort contributes to the project workflow and clarity of translation. It also builds their capacity to improve their community’s quality of life.

Together, we can go farther, faster to reach more Deaf communities

We want every Deaf person to receive, experience, and share the message of God’s love in sign language Scripture.

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