Get tools for Deaf ministry and sign language Bible translation

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Deaf leaders, we are here for you

You are passionate about serving your Deaf community. We want you to be effective and have the tools you need for:

  • Hands-on work by Deaf team members
  • Collaboration that involves Deaf and hearing people

Our Deaf team and partners are always improving these tools with visual features and sign language access.

Partner Portal

When you connect with Deaf Bible Society, you have access to many modules in our Partner Portal, such as:

  • Deaf Bible Translation Projects
  • Grant Application for Deaf Bible Translation
  • All Access Goals for the Deaf Bible
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Interpreter workforce

You can request interpreters who specialize in American Sign Language and International Sign. They are also trained in common principles and practices of Bible translation.

  • Partner Collaboration Meetings
  • Translation Team Training
  • Deaf Bible Translation Projects

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