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The Deaf Bible is for you!

The Deaf Bible lets you learn about God through sign language videos made for you to understand.

It’s free and gives you many features to explore:

  • Choose your sign language
  • Get notifications of the Scripture of the day
  • Sign up for video watch plans
  • Share videos with your friends or use them in church
  • Save preferences in your personal profile

My Deaf Bible Experience

Meet Tanya and discover why she loves the Deaf Bible app.
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What others are saying ...

Great app with adjustable speed
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I am deaf. I love this app! I like how slow or fast I can adjust the video speeding quality on this app because I am vision impaired that do not catch hands signing very well for me.
Big thumbs
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This is great technology for deaf people to use. Easy access to understand the Bible through our language. High recommend for anyone to use. God bless you!
Love this app!!
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Quality is great! The videos are supported by pictures which is great for younger kids too. I use this with my son (who is deaf) and we love it.
About time!
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It’s amazing to see Bible in my own native language! It help me to understand God’s words better!
So helpful.
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As a church interpreter signing Bible verses holds a lot of weight and I want to be sure to get it right. This app is fantastic. I use it all the time...
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A growing Deaf Bible video library

Deaf Bible translation and access is possible only through partnership and collaboration. To date, our efforts include:



Sign languages

Each sign language in the Deaf Bible represents a unique translation of Scripture used by a specific Deaf community.

We are working every day to provide more translations that increase access and understanding worldwide.

Global reach of the Deaf Bible

More than 3 million Deaf Bible video streams in 100+ countries during 2023 to date

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