The Gift of Hands-on Hope

Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord. —Psalm 31:24 NIV / ASLV

More than 300 Deaf communities still do not have access to any Scripture in their sign languages. They eagerly hope for it!

Your generosity supports an emerging approach to Bible translation that mobilizes local communities. With this approach, Deaf Bible Society is developing new custom software called MEET: Mobilize and Engage Emerging Translations.

Our staff is already using MEET toolsets as they support the hands-on involvement of Deaf leaders, Deaf churches, and partner organizations. Plus, there are community checks of Scripture translation drafts to ensure that the sign language videos are clear, accurate, natural, and acceptable. 

See a community check, in action in the Dominican Republic!


In 2023, 8 sign language communities have mobilized with Deaf Bible Society support for a new emerging approach to translation. Five communities have already used early prototypes of MEET toolsets to publish their first video verses in the Deaf Bible. They are participating in hands-on hope!


  • That Deaf communities do not lose hope as they long for access to sign language Scripture
  • For our partners: United Bible Societies, GSLT, Romania Sign Language Team, and the Dominican Republic Sign Language Team.

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