The Gift of Fruitful Fellowship

Jesus said: “Where two or three people gather in my name, I am there with them.” —Matthew 18:20 NIV / ASLV

The sign language community in the Democratic Republic of the Congo mobilized last spring to begin a Bible translation project. They received video equipment in May. Already, they have translated Genesis 1–9!

Now, members of their community can do something they have never done before. They can meet together to learn about God through Scripture in sign language. They don’t have to rely on an interpreter.

The fruit of this translation work is creating new opportunities to grow in faith and fellowship.


The resilience of Deaf communities who meet together in love for God and each other despite very limited access to sign language Scripture. 


  • For accelerated progress in sign language Bible translation as a growing number of Deaf communities get involved in this mission and ministry
  • For our partners: Seed Company, Lumo, Colombian Sign Language, and the Rwanda Sign Language Team.

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