The Gift of a Global Vision

A crowd came together in bewilderment, because each one heard their own language being spoken. —Acts 2:6 NIV / ASLV

The global vision to spread the message of Jesus goes all the way back to the earliest Christians. The book of Acts in the Bible tells their story.

A celebration called Pentecost highlights the moment when the Holy Spirit empowered Jesus’ disciples to spread the gospel to people from different nations and languages. People responded in bewilderment and joy at the miracle of receiving the message in their own language. 

Today, we minister by the power of the same Holy Spirit toward the same global vision — and you are part of it! 

With Deaf Bible Society, you are helping to spread the gospel through the Bible translation movement. We focus on sign languages while other partners work on written and spoken languages. Together, all of us in this movement carry forward the global vision that began in the book of Acts.

Please don’t miss this video today: A Bible for My Heart — a powerful poem that blends signed and spoken language to share why this global vision matters as much as ever: “to make it so there is a Bible that speaks the language of every person’s heart.” 

As you celebrate the 12 Good Gifts highlighted this year, would you join us with a donation to continue this work in the year ahead?

Together, we can reach even more Deaf communities with the message of God’s love in the sign language that reaches their hearts.


Every day, more and more Deaf people around the world experience the joy of connecting with God through Scripture in their language.


  • For the global vision of the Bible translation movement to reach all people through signed, written, and spoken languages
  • For our partners: illumiNations, Jesus Film Project, and the Japanese Sign Language Team.

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