“I can lift my hands” in an answer to prayer for sign language Bible translation

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A refugee moved from the Middle East to America. She is a strong Christian. She delivers packages for a living. Each box has an intended destination and, likewise, she dreams of a calling that matches up with God. Nevertheless, she continues to work toward that goal as she delivers the packages every day.

A call from God

On her day off, she went to her church that she regularly attends. It was there that she heard that Deaf Bible Society has a sign language project focused on the Middle East. That’s where Saba originally came from! They needed an experienced signer like Saba. She felt God calling her to be a signer for their project. 

She didn’t mind because she wanted to reach the unreached Deaf of the Middle East. The two challenges she faced were the conflicting work obligations and the potential risks. It is illegal to talk about Jesus Christ in the Middle East, unlike America where there is no such restriction.

Overcoming challenges

Her work schedule complicated things since she would have to give up time at work to serve the Lord. This wasn’t an easy choice, but she went ahead and asked her boss if she could be briefly excused for this project. Her boss refused.

Undeterred, she proceeded to ask the upper management if she could be excused to serve God. They also refused. Those roadblocks didn’t stop her heart’s burning desire and she knew that God had a plan in mind for her. In response, she went to Deaf Bible Society. It was there that she explained to them she felt that God wanted to use her as a signer for her homeland in the Middle East. The team at Deaf Bible Society and Saba prayed together.

Serving in sign language Bible translation

As weeks passed, her package delivery work was taking a toll on her body. Her doctor told her that she needed to stop delivering packages. She felt defeated but she realized instead of delivering packages, she could work for Deaf Bible Society as a signer with her skills!

She contacted Deaf Bible Society. She proclaimed to them that God had blessed her and made it possible for her to join the sign language Bible project. God is good!

Yes, and from ancient days I am he. No one can deliver out of my hand. When I act, who can reverse it?

— Isaiah 43:13 NIV / ASLV


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