Ripple effect: A sign language Bible translator and his wife grow in understanding

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This testimony is from a member of the Ghanaian Sign Language Bible Translation team.

“Hello! My Name is Prempeh. I am from Ghana and I work with the Ghanaian Sign Language Bible Translation Team (GHSLBT).

I would like to share a part of my testimony on how working in Bible translation has impacted my life and my family’s life for the better. Before having the Bible available in Ghanaian Sign Language, my wife would love to read the Bible, however there were so many words she did not understand. Often, she would ask me what certain words meant, and I would explain the words to her.

Now, we thank God for having access to the Bible in Ghanaian Sign Language, so that my wife can understand fully. Now, my wife reads the Bible every morning without asking for support. I enjoy watching her grow in her understanding of God and her knowledge of the Bible. She is motivated and yearning to learn more and I see the fruit from her faithfulness, thanks to the Bible access in Ghanaian Sign Language to help Deaf people like her.

We ask that you continue to pray and support more Bible translation in Ghanaian Sign Language. Also, help pray for all Deaf Ghanaians to be reached by the Gospel in Ghanaian Sign Language. Just like my wife, who before didn’t know many of the wonderful Bible stories, now she understands fully. Thank you and God bless you all.”

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