Beyond barriers: God’s Word reaches the only Deaf person on the island of Åland

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Out of 30,129 people, there is only one Deaf person living on the island of Åland, which is part of the Republic of Finland. Her name is Krista. Watch the video above to see Krista tell her story and share how God’s Word is reaching her today thanks to technology.

Krista shares: “My family moved to Estonia about nine years ago. I am the only Deaf member of my family. The rest are all hearing, but they do know sign language. We are able to communicate and sign, and I thank God for that.

I want to thank everybody involved in the Estonian [Sign Language Bible translation] project which has allowed them to be able to translate the Bible from written text to Estonian Sign Language. Specifically, I have used the Estonian Sign Language [Bible] to understand the Book of Mark. I want to thank everybody who has been involved. Thank you to the Estonian team that has provided this access to help me be able to understand God’s Word.

It is very important that we have it in our heart language so that we are able to understand exactly what God wants for us. I pray that [the translation team] will receive more support and more funding and that they can continue to translate more of God’s Word into Estonian Sign Language.

Thank you everybody, not only for the work that you do in Estonia, but for the work that you do in all of the other countries. Thank you for helping more Deaf people come to know God and to have a relationship and understand what He wants for us through the use of sign language. I pray that God will continue to use and bless every single one of you.

I am the only Deaf individual in my family. But thankfully now, with the use of Internet and technology, we are able to access the Bible now more than ever before. There are so many places around the world where Deaf people do not have access to churches and to the Bible. So I’m thankful that now, with the use of the Internet and technology, people from all over the world can understand how much God loves them.”

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