What happens when a Deaf boy sees a sign language Bible for the first time?

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What happens when a Deaf boy, starved for connection, sees God in his sign language for the first time? Alex shares his story with us:

“Hello, my name is Alex. I am from Ukraine. I want to share a memory from my childhood. I was invited to a summer camp, but I wasn’t thrilled about it. I thought it would be full of hearing kids and that no one would know how to sign to me.

I reluctantly went, hoping to make new friends. I saw this person who I thought was hearing. His hands were moving and gesturing to people. It turns out he was Deaf and was sharing God’s Word! I watched in awe of what he was sharing. I finally understood God in my sign language.

From that conversation, I accepted Jesus. Since my salvation, I have never looked back. I am inspired to boldly continue to share God’s Word so that others can experience the same profound connection I did, bridging the relationship between God and every Deaf person.”

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